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What IMC Could Offer?

Capability to create your own market Campaign
  • Send bulk SMS from any pc, email client or application.
  • Reach more customers by communication via SMS.
  • Increase revenue, grow your business.
  • SMS marketing made a easy way to do mobile marketing by IMC SMS platform.
Confidence to keep your customer loyal
  • A fully featured loyalty program, a highly targeted marketing tool that will assist to boost your sales.
  • Easily Create and Instantly deliver 100% secure Mobile MMS service can best serve your customers
  • Birthday SMS enable you care about your customer in each special moment
Convenience to manage and analysis
  • All the SMS sending status are tracked by system.
  • View detailed delivery reports for each SMS attempted.
  • Get the overall picture by looking at charts and summaries.

Functions Overview

SMS Marketing

Customer can easily create different marketing event in form of SMS/MMS and send to their customers. The event can be sent immediately or on the time set by customer. The services can be widely used in retail market, like Finance and insurance service, health and beauty, entertainment and lottery, politics and polls, Education and organization, etc.

The SMS marketing aims target customers which can increase customer attention and response.

Virus broadcasting can increase potential commercial opportunities.

Low cost. Comparing with traditional marketing method.

Easy to use. To customize a market campaign is easy, no need technical background.

mServices (mTickets, mLoyalty, mCoupon, mCard)

mService as an optional service that can help you to grow your business. It is easy online tool that will allow you to create and execute a professional mobile Coupon, card to your customers; or create Mobile Tickets when you are organizing an event, a conference, an exhibition or a party; or introduce loyalty programs in order to offer incentives for those who has long term spending and bigger share of wallet.

Save your time. By using online tools, you can easily create bar code or QR code and send to customer’s mobile phone.

Save cost. No need to print card or tickets or promotional brochures, leaflets.

Eco-friend. The electronical way to do business may save papers and reduce the pollution to the environment.

Convenient to store. Not like paper or PVC card or ticket, which may happen to be lost or damaged, the bar code or QR Code can be easily save and use on mobile phone.


2WaySMS is an optional service. Customer can send SMS which is based on 5digit numbers with premium cost. The SMS fee is charged at the recipient’s mobile phone bill. It may allow you to build a 2-way SMS communication with your customers. Give them chance to reply to your questions or express their opinions via an easy but direct way.

Direct way to communicate with your customer. To quickly understand their thoughts, opinions, etc.

Bi-direction contact. It could establish a dialog between you and customer to have good communication.

Cost-effective. Reduce your operating costs and serve customers in real time, giving them access to information needed via SMS.

Real time communications with your customer which can provide better using experience.

Birthday SMS

Birthday SMS as an optional service can help you to provide good service to customers. Select the date, customer name and birthday wishes, customer will receive a personal birthday wishes from you on time. It also can be used on named day or anniversary time.

Good customer service experience.

Low cost to retain customer relationship.

Create Personalized campaigns for better results and higher ROI.

Better manage customer profile for good customer segment and target sales.

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